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JINYI DOOR INDUSTRY CO., LTD,from 2000, 20 yeas of experience in design and munufacturering High Quality entry Gtate & Doors series.

The company has excellent production equipment and carries out iso9001:2008 quality management system management Batch of high quality production skilled workers and designers team, golden game products in High-grade series of stainless steel products, aluminum alloy door series,the quality and product style is unique one for you.

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Household door industry has entered the high-speed development period; Relevant information shows that the custom ownership rate of urban residents in China continues to increase!


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Jinchao all room doors and Windows customization r & d team strength, scheduled new product release, product market competitiveness.


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We will give you the customer information in time for your local customer's network and telephone consultation. You only need to make a phone call to get the customer order easily


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National service sales outlets, stores covering more than 20 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, welcome you to visit the factory at any time


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Technical guidelines

Inspection standard

According to the general technical conditions of anti-theft safety door, the qualified anti-theft door of stainless steel door can use ordinary hand tools such as chisel, screwdriver, crowbarelectric drill within 15 minutes

Stainless steel door

Stainless steel doors before purchase attention to details 1. Wear resistance of work. What concern with wear-resisting is stainless steel door material. When choosing, ask the dealer to ask what materials have been made, such as the difference between

Stainless steel door

Stainless steel door rustingidentification methods (1) magnetic identification. Stainless steel contains chromiumnickelcontains chromiumnickel, which are more stable elements, magnetoresistance. If this material has strong magnetic potential is stain